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The people of Sand Trap Service Co., Inc. bring to you over 60 years of experience in pumping, but also bring to you a real desire to give you the best service possible with a family tradition. Sand trap Service Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated business that started in 1949 by Joe raines. In 1952, Eldon Beavers purchased the company and now it is currently owned by his son and two daughters (Gary Beavers, Sherry Ruddle, and Terry Galloway).

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Sand Trap Service Co Inc. 1300 Cold Springs Rd,Fort Worth, TX 76102

Pumping l Grease Trap Service

Our service is in pumping, transporting, and disposal of grease traps from restaurants, sand traps from car washes, truck washes, equipment washers, and industrial non-hazardous liquid waste. Our truck and pump operators have an average of 25 years experience with us. We do our best to bring you dependable and efficient service in cleaning traps and drains. We have the right equipment to service your needs whether the job is easy access or hard to reach. Pressure washer/jetter machines are available to clean drain lines as well.

  • Pumping and transportation
  • Grease trap pumping
  • Sand trap cleaning
  • Liquid industrial non-hazardous waste
  • Trap maintenance

All Trucks are permitted for transporting by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and we are also permitted in every North Central Texas area city. Our service area is in the 150-mile radius of the DFW metro-plex.

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Phone - 817-877-5800 / Toll Free - 888-429-9874